Thursday, April 04, 2013

Comic Book Ads Week, Day 4!

You may recall that in a previous installment of Comic Book ads, I presented an ad for a men's girdle... and you'd think that only one of those would've been advertised in comic books... but you'd be WRONG! amazingdetective12_15 Here, from Amazing Detective Stories #12, it's the Chevalier! I've got no idea if this has any connection to Maurice or not.... well, probably not... amazingdetective12_09 From the same issue... yes, it's another ad telling women they're not supposed to be really skinny, they need curves! Can't say as I disagree with this concept, myself! amazingdetective12_13 You know, the ads from these books I've been featuring lately are sooooo different from the ads I've posted in the past... I mean, here's one selling perfume, for Kirby's sake! amazingdetective12_21 At least this watch is more impressive than the last watch that I posted an ad for... amazingdetective12_33 Here's another ad for something that I wouldn't have expected to see a different ad for.... although here I find myself wondering how long they took doing this woman's hair to make it look like that for the photo!

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