Friday, April 05, 2013

Comic Book Ads Week, Day 5!

And it's the last day of this week-long series of comic book ads! amazingdetective13_16 And again, we're looking at ads from Amazing Detective Stories, this one from issue #13.... now, I still don't believe you can learn any combat technique from books alone, but I do think this ad looks pretty good! amazingdetective13_24 Here's yet another fireworks ad on the top of this page... and I have to say, that's a pretty cool looking set of walkie talkies advertised on the bottom! amazingdetective13_35 Seriously, what the hell is up with this ad? Looks like Moe Howard singing opera.... what does that picture have to do with hair loss????? amazingdetective12_27 You think the hair loss ad was weird? Look at this pimple ad from Amazing Detective Stories #12 -- and check out the drawing near the bottom of the first column of text... those hands don't belong to the person that face belongs to, clearly! Did they hire a midget to pop their pimples or something? amazingdetective12_02 We'll finish this post up with this weird ad for Mason Shoes, telling you that you can start your own shoe selling business through this ad! I'm guessing this didn't work out too well for many people.

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  1. There were two magazine ad guys whose stories I always wanted to hear. One was the hair-loss guy above and the other was the old guy who promised to teach you radio. Were they stock photos or the actual people who started the businesses? Interesting to see that even in those unregulated days the hair guy promised his goop "may" help you.

    The shoe ad sounds like you were expected to show a sample shoe to people and send their orders to the company. Then the company sent them their shoes and you (presumably) got a cut. Wonder how many people signed up.


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