Monday, April 29, 2013

Comic Book Ads!

bestofthewest05_35 When I wrapped up Comic Book Ads Week, I had an ad posted for Mason Shoes, with its promise that you could sell shoes part-time to make money. I guess that worked well for them after all, because here's an ad from Best of the West #5 where they've expanded their line to leather jackets!
bestofthewest05_25 From the same issue... yes, this goes back this far! Did any of you ever respond to one of these kind of ads? I know I nearly did at least a couple of times. bestofthewest05_34 Here's a different twist on the standard comic book muscle-building ad... the angle here is that with muscles, you can go to school and work at the same time without getting too tired! But when are you supposed to be doing your workouts??? bestofthewest05_36 Here's another ad with that projector toy I've yet to add to my collection... but what really gets my attention is the cowboy ventriloquist dummy, clearly marketed for kids, with a big honking cigarette or cigar sticking out of its mouth! Well, that and the extremely weird baby doll in the fashion pose. Was this ad responsible for those toddler and tiara beauty pageants or something? bestofthewest05_17 Haven't had an ad posted for one of these things in a long time, and this one is definitely different, isn't it?

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