Monday, April 22, 2013

Cover Redux Week, Day 1!

Yes, it's a whole week of Cover Redux installments! We begin with Sgt. Fury #12, and the reprint in Special Marvel Edition #10... I believe the original art was statted and reduced slightly, and the blurbs were also reduced.

Next, Fantastic Four #59 and Marvel Triple Action #3 -- they look like they're for two entirely different FF stories, don't they? The original has no mention of Doom or the Surfer, while the reprint has Black Bolt shoehorned in there... don't get me wrong, I like the reprint cover (it is Gil Kane's work, after all), but the original is way better in my book!

Here's a rarity... when Amazing Spider-Man #140 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #117, the coloring actually got more subtle! Oh, it's also slightly reduced, too.

Next, Incredible Hulk #104 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #58! It's been reduced slightly, and the blurb's been entirely redone, plus a balloon was added for the Rhino.

Here's FF #114 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #94 -- it's been enlarged slightly, plus I believe the Pogo Plane was slightly rotated (requiring Mr. Fantastic's arms to be altered as well).

Next, X-Men #13 and the reprint in #67 -- As we've seen before, the X-Men uniforms tended to be drawn wrong on the reprint new covers... whereas the yellow on the uniform tops is more of a wide stripe going down, on the reprint covers it's drawn as more of a sleeveless T-shirt! As you can see, the Angel was considered to be the breakout character on the original cover!


And that brings us to Amazing Spider-Man #54 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #39... yes, it's another cover that's completely redone... although the new cover doesn't have nearly the impact as the original, even though the original cover had no real action at all!

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  1. Pvt. Gabriel Jones looks rather pale on that original Sgt. Fury cover.


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