Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Cover Redux Week, Day 2!

This time around, we begin with Avengers #12, and the reprint in Marvel Triple Action #6! Obviously, we're looking at a completely new cover here... and it appears to my eye that, once again, the Wasp was left out of the new cover.

Next, we've got Amazing Spider-Man #110 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #89. Obviously, we're looking at the original art being enlarged to fill the greater cover area, with new art added to the top. Also, the bottom cover blurb's been eliminated, with the title being put in a new burst. Also, I just realized that the Spider-Man figure has been enlarged even more and slightly repositioned!

Such was Marvel's commitment at the time to making their reprint books look like the current stuff that instead of using Kirby's classic cover for Fantastic Four #51, they went with an all-new cover!

Here's another example of an all-new cover being done... when Incredible Hulk #115 was reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #69, a new Gil Kane cover was commissioned. I'm not sure why this was needed, as if they just wanted the Leader's head not to be covering the logo, they could've reduced the statted art, and added more to his hand on the left (this would've also made room for the UPC box).

Here's an example of how different coloring can make the same cover look almost entirely different! Here's X-Men #33 and the reprint in issue #81, and there are some other changes here, too! Look at the Juggernaut's mouth, for example. Actually, his eyes and mouth were both altered for this reprint! And there' the strange case of the bottom cover blurb... whereas the original focused on the battle with Juggy, the reprint focused on The Outcast!

Hey, it's two issues in a row with Dr. Strange appearances! Here we have Amazing Spider-Man #109 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #88, and note that Dr. Strange's figure has been entirely redrawn! That may have been to help fill in the space on the left side, while the overall art was shifted down, making it necessary to take the blurb and shrink the text to squeeze it in.

Next, Avengers #75, and the reprint in Marvel Super Action #36! The overall art has been reduced, with extra art added on the left side. Not only that, the image has been rotated clockwise a bit! I guess this is why the extra blurb was added in. Also, the blurb on the bottom was reduced to make room for the UPC box.

Finally, here's Fantastic Four #97, and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #78! There was a lot of playing around with this one, it seems! The figures of the FF were all reduced, with new art added on the right to the Thing, while the Torch was shifted up a bit to be more separate from the rest of the group. The water area was reworked, and the Monster shifted to the right side, while the text was moved to the left! And finally, there's a new can of soda added, while the radio was moved to Ben's side! I think that about covers it, eh? Can't imagine how the Torch couldn't notice the Monster that was just beside him on the reworked cover, though...

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  1. I'd be willing to bet you that Dr. Strange was redrawn for Marvel Tales 88 so the prospective buyer could see his face. In fact, I'm surprised the editor of the original comic let the cover go out showing the back of the guest star's head!


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