Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cover Redux Week, Day 3!

First up this time around, we have Amazing Spider-Man #22, and the reprint in Marvel Tales #17! Obviously, the art was shifted down for this reprint (with some extra art added to the top). The blurb that was on the bottom of the cover has been cleverly fit into the Spider-Signal on the reprint, but other than that, it's all blurbs!

Next, we've got Silver Surfer #4 and the reprint in Fantasy Masterpieces (2nd series) #4! Looks to me like the art was shifted down, and speed lines added to indicate that Thor was swinging Mjolnir about. Oddly, the colorist apparently didn't realize Thor was supposed to be standing on the Rainbow Bridge!

Next, it's X-Men #17 and the reprint in issue #70... I think the original coloring is much more striking, don't you?

When Fantastic Four #75 was reprinted in Marvel's Greatest Comics #57, the coloring was again changed from the very striking original! I prefer the original coloring myself.

When Amazing Spider-Man #90 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #71, some of the crowd was eliminated, and some was shifted around (as were the word balloons).

Up next, it's Avengers Annual #2, and the reprints in Marvel Super Action #16 and 17. Now, the cover art used for issue #17 is actually from a splash page in the original annual, but I figured I'd include it for completeness! So far as the original vs. the reprint, it appears to me that the art was statted and reduced slightly, with some extra art added to the sides, and that could well be it!

There were considerably more changes when Incredible Hulk #107 was reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #61... the Mandarin was completely redrawn, except maybe possibly the foot you can barely see on the reprint due to the UPC box. Looks like the Hulk was shifted down on the page as well.

And now we come to Fantastic Four #83 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #65. There was a bit of reworking going on here... I see that the figures of Black Bolt, Medusa, and the Human Torch were moved (the Torch's arm was obviously added on, and not all that well). I can see why the Torch was moved (because of the logo), while the Inhuman figures were moved because of the UPC code. What I don't quite understand is why the title blurb was boxed on the reprint (as well as why the coloring change on Maximus' armor)!

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  1. I still remember the first time I saw that all-red X-Men cover. I was with my dad and when we walked into the store that cover grabbed my attention from a comic rack all the way across the room. I'd never seen anything like it--it was incredibly exciting. Of course they re-used the stunt several times, but that first cover was unforgettable. It did its job, too. I wasn't an X-Men fan but I sure bought that issue!


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