Friday, April 26, 2013

Cover Redux Week, Day 5!

It's the last day of Cover Redux Week, and we begin with Amazing Spider-Man #25 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #20! At first, it looks very much the same, but the image has been shifted up, and the part of the Spider-Slayer with JJJ's face has been moved to the right!

Next, it's Sgt. Fury #20 and the reprint in #122... and it looks like, coloring aside, it's pretty much the same, other tan a bit of cropping on the bottom.

When Incredible Hulk #153 was reprinted in Marvel Super Heroes #101, rather than enlarging the art, it looks like it was decided to just add to the art (note Matt Murdock's arm, and the judge's body, arm, and desk). Even the "vs. EVERYBODY!" text from the original was retained, even if it was reduced and rotated.

Next, Fantastic Four #61 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #44... I don't really see any changes, although I'l note that the original coloring was better than the reprint... also, I'm not sure why that extra blurb was added!

Next, we have Sgt. Fury #33 and the reprint in issue #99! We're looking at a new (John Severin?) cover on the reprint, although I'm pretty sure the original cover was reprinted when the story was run for the third time!

No big changes I can see when Amazing Spider-Man was reprinted in Marvel Tales #31, except for removing some of the speed lines from John Jameson's punch!

The art was definitely reduced when Avengers #56 was reprinted in Marvel Super Action #15... I guess the figure of Bucky was flopped in order to accommodate the UPC box, even though that meant his shadow was in the wrong direction.

Finally, we have Sgt. Fury #45 and the reprint in issue #140... this was a definite cut-and-paste job! Look at Fury's hand around the wrist of the other soldier, and you'll see how that was shifted down. Actually, I think if you look at the two soldiers on the lower left-hand corner, and include the rocks that Dugan and Izzy are behind, you'll see where the cut was made, more or less.

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