Saturday, May 25, 2013

Comic Book Ads!

beverlyhillbillies14_02 First up in this installment comes this Dell Comics house ad, which appeared on the inside front cover of Beverly Hillbillies #14... and yes, that ad features the very book on it! Also note the other TV comics here, Bewitched and F-Troop with their photo covers, the Alvin and Mighty Mouse books, Ghost Stories (which I've featured at least once in Comic Reading Library), Thirteen "Going on Eighteen" (have I presented one of these yet)... and then there's Dell's Frankenstein as superhero! I don't recall if I've posted an issue of this here or in the late Blog of Frankenstein... must've been the latter, if I've done so already. beverlyhillbillies21_35 Next up, as seen in Beverly Hillbillies #21 (and no doubt elsewhere) is this ad from American Circle Group, which does its best to look like the ubiquitous Johnson Smith ads, doesn't it? billwest09_11 Getting away from Dell Comics, here's an ad from Billy West #9, which was a western published by Standard Comics. As you can see, it's an offering for a fan club! I wonder if any of these were ever shipped out? It seems that some items like these back in the day were pretty much theoretical even after the ads appeared, and were produced based on whether response was big enough. I don't recall seeing these kits on eBay, but then I've never looked for them, either. billywest04_02 From an earlier issue of the same title, here's a full page inside front cover ad from issue #4... advertising the book that the kids would be reading this in. I can only guess this was intended to get the kids browsing at the newsstand extra incentive to plunk down their dime and buy it before the dealer started yelling that "This isn't a library, you kids!" billythekid11_15 Next, here's an ad from Charlton's Billy the Kid #11... did they really expect kids to be able to sell salve door to door?!? billythekid11_20 From the same issue come these two half-page ads... the top one, with the mini-camera, always gets a chuckle out of me, as these kind of things sound like a really great deal, but then it turns out the film can't get developed and printed at standard photo labs, you have to mail the film in to get that done... for a price! Below, the build your own cannons? I wonder how many kids completely skipped over reading that these were plastic model kits, and expected they were going to be building real cannons they could fire?

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