Thursday, May 16, 2013

Comic Reading Library: Adventures in 3-D #1!

OK, this is kind of an experiment here... those of you who have 3D glasses, see if this works for you. Those who don't... well, I hope you'll enjoy this anyway! advsin3d1_01 advsin3d1_02 advsin3d1_03 advsin3d1_04 advsin3d1_05 advsin3d1_06 advsin3d1_07 advsin3d1_08 advsin3d1_09 advsin3d1_10 advsin3d1_11 advsin3d1_12 advsin3d1_13 advsin3d1_14 advsin3d1_15 advsin3d1_16 advsin3d1_17 advsin3d1_18 advsin3d1_19 advsin3d1_20 advsin3d1_21 advsin3d1_22 advsin3d1_23 advsin3d1_24 advsin3d1_25 advsin3d1_26 advsin3d1_27 advsin3d1_28 advsin3d1_29 advsin3d1_30 advsin3d1_31 advsin3d1_32 advsin3d1_33 advsin3d1_34 advsin3d1_35 advsin3d1_36 Here's a surprise bonus... issue #2! advsin3d2_01 advsin3d2_02 advsin3d2_03 advsin3d2_04 advsin3d2_05 advsin3d2_06 advsin3d2_07 advsin3d2_08 advsin3d2_09 advsin3d2_10 advsin3d2_11 advsin3d2_12 advsin3d2_13 advsin3d2_14 advsin3d2_15 advsin3d2_16 advsin3d2_17 advsin3d2_18 advsin3d2_19 advsin3d2_20 advsin3d2_21 advsin3d2_22 advsin3d2_23 advsin3d2_24 advsin3d2_25 advsin3d2_26 advsin3d2_27 advsin3d2_28 advsin3d2_29 advsin3d2_30 advsin3d2_31 advsin3d2_32 advsin3d2_33 advsin3d2_34 advsin3d2_35

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