Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cool Stuff!

Should be more of a mixed bag this time, beginning with some Bullwinkle items! bullwinkle_coloring Rocky The Flying Squirrel Coloring Book! More after the jump! bullwinkle_coloringfun Bullwinkle Coloring Fun! bullwinkle_dudley_coloring Dudley Doo-Right Coloring Book! bullwinkle_magicdotgame1 bullwinkle_magicdotgame2 Magic Dot Game! bullwinkle_peabodycolorart1 bullwinkle_peabodycolorart2 bullwinkle_peabodycolorart3 bullwinkle_peabodycolorart4 Peabody and Sherman Coloring Book original art and the book itself! Bullwinkle_RestaurantArt Bullwinkle Restaurant Menu Art! bulwinkle_coloring Bullwinkle Coloring Book! capncrunch_frametray68_2 capncrunch_framtetray68_1 Next, a pair of Cap'n Crunch Frame-Tray Puzzles from 1968! The Cap'n's original commercials were done, of course, by Jay Ward's people! captainvideo_lc Captain Video lobby card! changeachanneltv_1 changeachanneltv_2 changeachanneltv_3 changeachanneltv_4 I've shown pictures of Kenner's Change-A-Channel TV toy before, but never this large and with the detail of the toy itself! dcsh_70sbumpersticker 1970s DC Bumper Sticker! dcsh_aquaman_blbart1 dcsh_aquaman_blbart2 Aquaman Big Little Book original art! dcsh_aquaman_patch Aquaman patch! dcsh_aquaman_pinup Aquaman poster! dcsh_aquamanpin Aquaman pin! dcsh_argentinafigs1 dcsh_argentinafigs2 dcsh_argentinafigs3 dcsh_argentinafigs4 dcsh_argentinafigs5 DC figures that I'm told came from Argentina! dcsh_bathsponges1 dcsh_bathsponges2 DC character bath sponges! dcsh_calendar1 dcsh_calendar2 dcsh_calendar3 dcsh_calendar4 dcsh_calendar5 dcsh_calendar6 dcsh_calendar7 dcsh_calendar8 DC Calendar pages! dcsh_flash_coloradeck Flash card game! dcsh_flash_pinup dcsh_flash_poster Flash posters! dcsh_flash_shstamps Flash Super Hero Stamps! dcsh_jla_gumtattoo69 JLA Gum and Tattoo! dcsh_partyware1 DC Heroes Partyware! dcsh_partyware2_sp Super Powers Partyware! dcsh_robin_coloradeck Robin card game! dcsh_sf_coloringart1 dcsh_sf_coloringart2 dcsh_sf_coloringart3 dcsh_sf_coloringart4 Super Friends Coloring Book Original Art! dcsh_sf_paintbynumber Super Friends Paint by Number! dcsh_sf_powerbuilderset Super Friends Power Builder Set! dcsh_sf_powerwhirl Super Friends Power Whirl! dcsh_sf_record1frankce dcsh_sf_record2frankce Super Friends record from France! dcsh_sf_robinflashlight Super Friends Robin Flashlight! dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 00 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 01 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 02 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 03 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 04 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 05 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 06 dcsh_sf_SP - 06 - Penguin - 07 Super Powers Penguin Mini-Comic! dcsh_sf_storybook Super Friends Storybook! dcsh_sf_sunglasses Super Friends Sunglasses! dcsh_sf_valentineplaybook dcsh_sf_valentines Super Friends Valentines! dcsh_sp_argentinacards Super Friends Argentina Card Game! dcsh_sp_batmancoloring Super Powers Batman COloring Book! dcsh_sp_coloring dcsh_sp_coloring dcsh_sp_coloring2 dcsh_sp_coloring3 dcsh_sp_coloring4 dcsh_sp_coloring5 dcsh_sp_coloring6 dcsh_sp_coloring7 dcsh_sp_penguincoloring dcsh_sp_supermancoloring dcsh_sp_wfcoloring dcsh_sp_wwcoloring1 dcsh_sp_wwcoloring2 A bunch more Super Powers coloring books! dcsh_stampalbum DC Super Heroes Stamp Album! dcsh_studio1_classicamericancovs_01 dcsh_studio1_classicamericancovs_02 dcsh_studio1_classicamericancovs_03 dcsh_studio1_classicamericancovs_04 dcsh_studio1_classicamericancovs_05 dcsh_studio1_classicamericancovs_06 dcsh_studio1_classicamericancovs_07 Classic American Covers signs by Studio 1! dcsh_SuperB1 dcsh_SuperB2 What the heck is Super B? I have no idea, here's some samples! dcsh_superheroescoloring Super Heroes Coloring Book! dcsh_superjrs_flashcards1dcsh_superjrs_flashcards2 Super Jrs Flash Cards! dcsh_superpowers_poster Super Powers Poster! dcsh_superstickers1dcsh_superstickers2 Super Stickers! dcsh_vendingmachineheader Vending Machine Header Card! dcsh_wf_cakepanset1 dcsh_wf_cakepanset2 Cake Pan Set! dcsh_wf_patterns Costume Patterns! dcsh_wf_shirt1 dcsh_wf_shirt2 Superman and Batman Shirt! dcsh_wylersposter And we'll wrap up this installment with this poster offered by Wylers!

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