Friday, May 31, 2013

Cover Redux!

049 First up this time, Amazing Spider-MAn #20 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #15! Looks like the art was reduced for the reprint, with extra added on the side, plus Spidey's web being shot was redone. 014 Next, Silver Surfer #14, and the reprint in Fantasy Masterpieces #14...and it looks like it's been flopped, reduced, and some extra art added. 492 Next, Incredible Hulk #156 and the reprint in Marvel Super Heroes #104... looks like things were reduced slightly... at least the Hulk on the right was reduced, and both Hulk figures moved apart from each other, with some new background added in. 369 Next, Fantastic Four #77, and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #59... looks like another reduce and add some art job here! 309 Finally, Amazing Spider-Man #132, and the reprint in Marvel Tales #109... the art's been shifted to the right, and some added on the left. Does anyone see any other changes?

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