Friday, May 10, 2013

Fandom Library: Star Trek - Passage to Moauv Book and Record Set!

Passage_to_Moauv_01_fc OK, so maybe this could've gone in Children's Book Theater, but I decided to use it for this feature! It's part of the Power Records line of the 1970s. As you read it, look for how many characters are way off model! Passage_to_Moauv_02_ifc This was the inside front cover for these sets... note that the superheroes, monsters and Planet of the Apes are represented... but just Marvel heroes, and no Star Trek! Passage_to_Moauv_03 Passage_to_Moauv_04 Passage_to_Moauv_05 Yes, they've got Sulu shown as African-American! Passage_to_Moauv_06 Passage_to_Moauv_07 And Uhura's a blonde white woman? Passage_to_Moauv_08 Passage_to_Moauv_09 Passage_to_Moauv_10 Passage_to_Moauv_11 Passage_to_Moauv_12 Passage_to_Moauv_13 Passage_to_Moauv_14 Passage_to_Moauv_15 Passage_to_Moauv_16 Passage_to_Moauv_17 Passage_to_Moauv_18 Passage_to_Moauv_19 Passage_to_Moauv_20 Passage_to_Moauv_21 Lt. M'Ress definitely doesn't look like her animated series counterpart, does she? Passage_to_Moauv_22 Passage_to_Moauv_23_ibc Passage_to_Moauv_24_bc


  1. I didn't have this one as a kid, but I love these!

  2. I remember the ads for this when it was new, but never saw it and I've been wondering all this time what it was like! Thank you so much for sharing it! And other than those characters being so wildly off-model, this would have worked just fine as an episode of the animated series. In that respect it's a real improvement over, say, the Gold Key series which would have been the only other Trek in comics form at that time -- not only were those characters often equally off model, but the stories often gave the impression of not having a clue what a Star Trek story was supposed to be. This one gets way closer.


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