Monday, May 06, 2013

Monster Stuff!

navyvsnightmonster1 First up this time around is a foreign poster for Navy Vs. the Night Monsters... the text looks Spanish to me, but I don't know if this was for release in Spain, Mexico, or somewhere else! nightoflivingdeadfr2 Night of the Living Dead French Poster! oddsquad_puzzle Odd Squad Puzzle! oilcandracula_canpuzzle1 oilcandracula_canpuzzle2 Dracula Oil Can Puzzle! phantom_lc phantomoftheopera30x40 Phantom of the Opera (Herbert Lom version) Lobby Card and poster! phantom_poster Phantom of the Opera (Nelson Eddy version) poster! phantomfrom10000leages_lc Phantom from 10,000 Leagues lobby card! phantomplanet The Phantom Planet lobby card! pitandthependulum2 The Pit and the Pendulum Belgium lobby card! plagueofzombies_lc Plague of the Zombies lobby card! planetofdinosaurs_italian Planet of the Dinosaurs Italian poster! puzzlecreature_jigsaw74 Creature From the Black Lagoon puzzle from 1974! puzzlefrankenstein_jaymar1 puzzlefrankenstein_jaymar2 Jaymar Frankenstein puzzle (guest-starring the Wolfman)! puzzlemummy_jaymarpuzzle Jaymar Mummy puzzle! puzzlewolfman_jaymarpuzzle Jaymar Wolfman puzzle (guest-starring the Monster)! raven6b raven7 The Raven lobby cards! raven_windowcard Window card for an earlier version of The Raven! reptile6 The Reptile lobby card! returnofdracula6 The Return of Dracula lobby card! returnoffly_insert returnoffly_still1 returnoffly_still2 returnoffly_still3 returnofthefly1 Return of the Fly insert and stills, plus a Belgian poster! returnofgiantmajin_ad Return of Giant Majin ad! revengeofcreature_still1 Revenge of the Creature still! revengeoffrank2 revengeoffrank_lc Revenge of Frankenstein foreign poster and lobby card! robotmonster_poster Robot Monster poster! rodan_still1 rodan_still1 rodan_still2 rodan_still3 Rodan stills! satonicrites1 Satanic Rites of Dracula still! scarsofdrac_still1 Scars of Dracula still! shecreature_lc The She-Creature lobby card! shedemons_still1 The She Demons still! skull1 skull4 skull5 skull6 The Skull lobby cards! snowcreature_poster The Snow Creature poster! sonofdrac_pb1 sonofdrac_pb2 sonofdrac_still1 Son of Dracula pressbook and still! sonoffrank_still1 sonoffranlemtein2 Son of Frankenstein still and Belgian window card! sonofgodz_still1 Son of Godzilla still! squirtcreature_squirtgunahisquirtcreature_squirtgunahi2 AHI Creature Squirt Gun! still_monsterchallenged2 The Monster that Challenged the World still! superkingkong_turkish Super King Kong Turkish Poster! talesfromthecrypt1 talesfromthecrypt3 Tales from the Crypt lobby cards! targetearth_still1 Target Earth still! tastebloodofdrac_still01tastebloodofdrac_still02 tastebloodofdrac_still03tastebloodofdrac_still04 tastebloodofdrac_still05tastebloodofdrac_still06 tastebloodofdrac_still07tastebloodofdrac_still08 tastebloodofdrac_still09 tastethebloodofdracula_still tastethebloodofdraculauk1 And we'll wrap up this installment with a bunch of stills from Taste the Blood of Dracula, plus a UK poster!

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