Monday, May 13, 2013

Show-A-Show Video Feature!

Starting this month, something a wee bit different! The Show a Show Projector was a toy manufactured by the same company who made the "Fortuna" and "Spectrum" (depending on what country you were in) Give-A-Show Projector knock-offs. These projectors could show film strips as well as slide strips. Some time ago, I won a pack of four slide strips (which I'd already featured here a while back) and four film strips for this toy, and I'm presenting them here pretty much as is, with some music and sound effects added. The quality of these strips was pretty bad, so you've been warned!

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One of the film strips in the set I bought is nothing but Archie stories, probably taken from the comic books. There's no copyright information on this saying these were officially licensed, so I'm assuming it was bootlegged. On the package, it was just identified as "Betty and Veronica."

These stories kind of start and stop abruptly... especially this first one!


  1. What sort of material went with the Aladdin strip to tell the story? A book? A phonograph record? Doesn't make much sense as is.

    1. What you saw is what I got!


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