Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cool Stuff!

We're at least starting out with Bullwinkle items this time around!
Rocky the Flying Squirrel coloring book! More after the jump!

Bullwinkle and Dudley Do-Right coloring books!
  bullwinkle_magicdotgame1 bullwinkle_magicdotgame2 Magic Dot Game!

  bullwinkle_peabodycolorart1 bullwinkle_peabodycolorart2 bullwinkle_peabodycolorart3 bullwinkle_peabodycolorart4
Mr. Peabody coloring book art and the final product!

  Bullwinkle_RestaurantArtBullwinkle restaurant menu art!

Bullwinkle coloring book!

  capncrunch_frametray68_2 capncrunch_framtetray68_1 Moving on, here's a couple of Cap'n Crunch frame-tray puzzles from 1968! Of course, you know that Jay Ward's people did the original Cap'n commercials, right? captainvideo_lc Captain Video lobby card!
  changeachanneltv_1changeachanneltv_2 changeachanneltv_3 changeachanneltv_4 changeachanneltv_5 Change-A-Channel TV set! One day, I will own one of these... hopefully, it'll be a working one!

1970s DC Bumper sticker!

1972 sticker poster!

  dcsh_aquaman_blbart1 dcsh_aquaman_blbart2
Aquaman Big Little Book original art!

Aquaman patch!

Aquaman poster!

Aquaman pin!

  dcsh_argentinafigs1 dcsh_argentinafigs2 dcsh_argentinafigs3 dcsh_argentinafigs4 dcsh_argentinafigs5
DC Superheroes and Villains figures from Argentina!

  dcsh_bathsponges1 dcsh_bathsponges2
Softee playsets... aka bath sponges!

  dcsh_calendar1 dcsh_calendar2 dcsh_calendar3 dcsh_calendar4 dcsh_calendar5 dcsh_calendar6 dcsh_calendar7 dcsh_calendar8
And we'll wrap this up with these images from a DC calendar from the 1970s!

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