Monday, July 22, 2013

Comic Book Ads!

First up in this installment of Comic Book Ads, here's a house ad that originally appeared in Blue Beetle V4 #5, pushing Charlton's Hercules book as well as Space Adventures! Remind me one of these days to write about the Hercules stuff, okay?

From the same issue, here's an ad for Art Instruction Schools... that's not the most impressive art for an art school ad, is it? Although I suppose for commercial art vs. comic book art, it's probably about right!

Moving on, here's an iron-on transfer ad from Gold Key's Bugs Bunny #177.... I always like to spotlight these ads when I come across them, even if they don't always differ too much. I'd still love to get the Hulk, Popeye, and Spider-Man iron-ons featured here!

The Sea Monkeys ad on the bottom of this page is pretty much what we've seen before... but the "Skitoons" ad on the top is all-new to me. Does anyone know about these?

Next, we go to this ad from the inside front cover of Buster Crabbe #2... not much to say about this one!

Another one from the same issue... the top half is an ad from the same company that had the inside front cover ad... but the Buster Crabbe picture offer is something else, isn't it? Funny how the photo is obviously hand-colored for this ad!

The same issue also included this full-page subscription offer!

Was it ever really a craze to wear Foreign Legion hats?

Here's another couple of ads from 3 Flags Trading Corp... they were into a lot of stuff, weren't they?

Hopefully, starting in the next installment of Comic Book Ads, I'll be doing something a bit different... ads from old Fawcett comics, but grouped together so you can check out multiple ads from the same advertiser!

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  1. Good stuff! Sometimes if you get lucky you can Google up pictures of some of these mail away items.


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