Friday, July 12, 2013

Cover Redux!

First up, it's Daredevil 23 and the reprint in Marvel Adventure #2! Obviously, a stat was used for the reprint, given how some of the detail's been muddied, and a balloon was added for the Gladiator, but there's also new speed lines added, too!

Next, Sgt. Fury #57 and the reprint in issue #152! Now, I can't say for sure if a stat was used for this, or if the scan for the reprint was just done very dark...

Here we have Incredible Hulk #110 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #64... obviously, the image  was reduced to make room for the UPC code, but that's not all! Umbu's hand and mace/wand have also ben altered, cut and pasted a bit lower and angled!

When Amazing Spider-Man #91 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #72, the first thought bubble for Spidey got moved! Also, the brick detail on the wall Spidey's standing on was colored much darker, almost obliterating it.

Avengers #64's cover got reduced and shifted down a bit for the reprint in Marvel Super-Action #25, and the blurb was repositioned.

Amazing Spider-Man #63's cover was shifted down for the reprint in Marvel Tales #46, but I don't notice any other changes.

When X-Men #25 was reprinted in X-Men #73, an all-new cover was done... I can't say it was an improvement!

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