Friday, July 26, 2013

Cover Redux!

First up this time, it's Incredible Hulk #152, and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #100. This time, the art was enlarged a bit, the top box was removed and new burst lines were added, plus the blurb on the bottom was reduced to make room for the UPC code.

Sgt. Fury #50 got an all-new cover when it was reprinted in Sgt. Fury #145... I think this was one of the issues that was reprinted twice!

Daredevil #27 got a bit of a makeover when it was reprinted in Marvel Adventure #6! THe DD figure was enlarged, and the figures of Spider-Man, Stilt-Man and the Masked Marauder got relocated, plus Karen and Foggy got eliminated entirely! Note also the repositioned blurbs, plus the elimination of Spidey's guest-star blurb. Speed lines have also been eliminated or redone.

Sgt. Fury #68's cover got shifted and reduced slightly for the reprint in Sgt. Fury #162.

Amazing Spider-Man #81 got a bit of a cut-and-paste done to it when it was reprinted in Marvel Tales #62! The part above Spidey and the line of cars was cut and shifted down a bit. You'll also note new word balloons for the Kangaroo!

Avengers #55's cover was reduced quite a bit for the reprint in Marvel Super Action #14, making it necessary to add some art to the sides. Also note that some of the floor details are missing on the reprint!

No major changes were done to Fantastic Four #68's cover when it was reprinted in Marvel's Greatest Comics #51, save for relocation of the blurb!

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