Tuesday, July 23, 2013

This 'N That Time!

How long has it been since I've done one of these?

ITEM! As this is being written (yesterday for posting today), I'm enjoying some home time, always a nice break from the road. Can you believe it's been a year since I left for truck driving training in Salt Lake City? Since then, I've changed the company I was working for, and have accumulated nearly a year of experience. Unfortunately, I'm also still dealing with the injuries I sustained from being rear ended in June and July of last year, because I can't get to the chiropractor for regular treatments. Overall, I suppose things are going well enough with the truck driving, although I still hate being away from home for so long. I'm hoping in a few weeks to be able to start applying for positions with other companies that will at least get me home every weekend, if not every night.

ITEM! Speaking of truck driving, I'm very seriously considering working up a documentary/video diary the next time I'm on the road. It would be shot entirely with my iPhone and iPad, and basically will have me on-camera summarizing each day on the road, telling where I've been, what kind of situations I've had to deal with, and so forth. Of course, I'll have to edit the various pieces together during hometime, so it may be a few weeks after the last day of "filming" before I have a finished video available to show. I'll be uploading it to both YouTube as well as on Facebook once it's done.

ITEM! One of the ways I keep myself from going crazy on the road is to make sure my iPad is filled with videos and comics. During my last time on the road, I completely ran out of videos to watch and comics to read, because I was out for so long (I took some hometime in Pennsylvania, where my wife's family lives, and Jessi and the kids flew out there)! Even after purchasing some books in Pennsylvania, I still ended up reading all of those before I was home again! But I'm making sure it's fully loaded for the next time I'm out.

ITEM! For those of you who have been wondering, Krypto is back to his old self again, having come through his surgery and illness from a few months back. Sadly, I can't say the same for Krosby, the youngest of our three boxers. He spent a few days at an animal hospital after Jessi noticed he wasn't well, and x-rays showed that several vertebrae have started fusing together. For the time being, we've been giving him pain medication to help with the pain, but the sad truth of the matter is that there's really nothing that can be done for him other than pain medications. He definitely isn't acting like the happy, energetic dog that he once was. It's a tough decision to make, but we'll probably be deciding over the next few days to have him put to sleep so that he won't continue to suffer. This is apparently something that can happen with boxers (although this is the first we've ever heard of it, and we've known a lot of boxer owners over the years).

ITEM! While the ultimate future of this blog is still unclear, I am happy to report that weekday postings have been done through September of this year. Unfortunately, some features have yet to make their reappearance (such as the Beatles cartoons and Popeye reviews), but at least there won't be a gap other than on the weekends. Next on the agenda is preparing the annual Halloween Countdown features, and RAOG will be returning to daily status for that, as I don't want to miss a day! The blog will be taken over with appropriate features, such as Monster Stuff (you know, like Cool Stuff but with monster-related items), Horror Comics (which is why the Comic Reading Library posts have stayed away from horror comics during the summer for the most part), Monster Magazines, as well as the a Comics They Never Made feature with my faked-up horror comic covers. I hope you'll stick with RAOG through the month of October, because there's always a chance of some non-monster bonus features popping up!

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