Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Dog of the Geek: 64!

Breed: Dachshund

Original Appearances: Walt Disney Comics & Stories #134

Other Appearances: Probably other issues of the same title, as well as reprints in other Duck comics

Biography: The Beagle Boys' pet wears a red shirt and a green cap, marked with the number 64. The Beagles frequently take him along on their robberies to act as a guard dog and to reach small spaces they can't get into. Unfortunately, 64 gets easily distracted by food, being constantly hungry, and if he smells food, he abandons everything else to eat it.

Powers: None

Group Affiliation: The Beagle Boys

Miscellaneous: So far as I'm aware, this is the only instance in comics or cartoons where a dog is owned by anthropomorphic dogs!x

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