Friday, September 20, 2013

Cover Redux!

Time for another edition of Cover Redux!
And we begin with Daredevil #19 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #31... and aside from some of the background being eliminated at the top (behind the logo), the overall art enlarged, and the addition of the Iron Man burst... I think the biggest change is the crook with the hat being removed entirely!

Next, it's X-Men #45 and the reprint in #93. You may know that this issue was also reprinted in Marvel's Avengers reprint book (I forget if it was Super Action or Triple Action at that time), as this issue crossed over with The Avengers. Anyway.... not much in the way of changes that I can spot... I think the art is slightly larger on the reprint, with a line added near the top (or is that the cover dress at the time?), plus the word balloons added. Interesting to note that Pietro's gloves were miscolored on the original!

Next, it's Amazing Spider-Man #107 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #86. Obviously, the art got flopped for the reprint, which meant that the blurbs had to be moved as well. Note also that Spidey got repositioned on the reprint, as the Spider-Slayer now has a tentacle touching his neck! I think Spidey got rotated a little bit, too. Also note that the man in the window has been completely redrawn. It's kind of a wonder they didn't just do a new cover, given how much reworking was needed here!

Next, it's X-Men #30 and the reprint in issue #78... all new cover here, which I believe was Gil Kane, but I could be wrong. One would almost not know that these two covers were for the same story, given the costume change on the villain!

You're right if you recall seeing Sgt. Fury #12 reprinted in a later issue of that book, as I just featured it back in April... well, here's another reprint of it, this time in Special Marvel Edition #10. Even though I believe Sgt. Fury was reprints (or at least alternating reprints with new stories) at the time, this would've been during the period when Marvel was trying to flood DC out of the newsstand with reprint books Blurbs are reduced even more than the overall art was reduced, to allow for the logo.

Again, it's all-new cover time for Fantastic Four #59 when it was reprinted in Marvel Triple Action #3. It's easy to forget that MTA began as an FF reprint title, especially when one is accustomed to Marvel's Greatest Comics being the FF reprint book. This is another situation when one wouldn't think these two covers were for the same story, as they focus on different aspects of the tale within. Black Bolt almost seems to have been added in as an afterthought on the reprint cover.

It's rare when I look at a reprint cover and like the coloring better than the original, but this one just kind edges out the original coloring for me. It's Amazing Spider-Man #140 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #117. The art was shifted down a teeny bit.

And I leave you with The Incredible Hulk #104 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #58, a case where the original coloring was much better, in my opinion. Art was shifted down, and a word balloon was added, plus the original blurb was entirely replaced (I wonder why? It's possible it was pasted on the original art, but fell off by the time they needed to shoot the reprint cover, but I suspect someone just wanted to change the blurb).

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