Sunday, November 10, 2013

Comics They Never Made!

Well, friends... I guess this November isn't going to be entirely monster-free, now, is it? Because it's time for an installment of "Comics They Never Made!", a gallery of comic covers mocked up by me that I wish had actually been made... or in some cases, possibly glad they weren't!

(Yes, sometimes I did mock these up to purposely have some off-register colors!)

In the case of this one -- the last of the "Drive-In Movie Classics" covers I've mocked up -- I couldn't find poster art for the movie in question, but I did come across stills! I'd guess I could find a poster for it easily these days!

How about a non-movie tie-in mockup, just so this isn't all monsters and sci-fi?


It does kind of seem odd that there wasn't an Elvis Presley comic book, doesn't it?

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  1. Elvis may not have influenced the comics, but the comics influenced Elvis. He based the design of his cape and jumpsuit on Captain Marvel Jr.


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