Friday, November 15, 2013

Cover Redux!

Time for another installment of this series, in which I compare and contrast the original Marvel comic cover with the reprint!

First up, we've got Amazing Spider-Man #35 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #28... and obviously, we've got a brand-new image for the reprint cover! My guess is that the new art was done for the reprint as Spidey's face is pretty much hidden on the original.

Next, Sub-Mariner #7 and the reprint in Tales to Astonish (V2) #7... the reprinted cover's got a slightly larger image of Namor... and the background photo's been completely replaced!

Next, we've got Fantastic Four #64 and the reprint from Marvel's Greatest Comics #47. At first glance, it looks like there's no change, but check out the Torch! On the original he's throwing a fireball, but the reprint has a flame blast with an explosion! The Grand Comics Database says the reprint is from an uncorrected stat with changes by John Romita.

Can any of you spot changes between Sgt. Fury #56 and the reprinted version in #151, aside from the image being shifted down and slightly reduced?

Next, Amazing Spider-Man #60 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #43... there's definitely changes going on.... the Kingpin's vest has lost its stripes... and become apparently a t-shirt, as there's no buttons! And the pants became striped! The Kingpin's arms are also in a slightly different position, so that now Spidey's feet are over the Kingpin's stomach! The changes seem to have required the Kingpin's face to be partly redrawn, as well. Spidey's in a different position in the arc, too.

Next, we've got Avengers #34 and the reprint in Marvel Triple Action #26.. the image is slightly larger on the repritn, and shifted down... but the biggest change is with the bottom of the glass cage the Wasp is trapped in: The Living Laser's burst is smaller on the reprint, and you can see the bottom of the cage. I think the cage may have been moved down on the reprint, but it's difficult to tell for certain.

And finally, here's Fantastic Four #102 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #82... and this ay be one of the only instances where the reprint has removed speech balloons rather than having some added! The whole image is reduced some, with the possibility of art being added on the left, right, and top.

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  1. The Sentry's figure on the Marvel's Greatest Comics version has been completely re-inked, probably because of the black screen "grey" on the stat that was used...


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