Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dog of the Geek: Dogbert!

dogbert1_5Breed: Presumably a Beagle

Original Appearances: Dilbert comic strip by Scott Adams

Other Appearances: Merchandise and books galore, all-too-shortlived Dilbert animated series

Biography: Dogbert's origins remain shrouded in mystery, as Scott Adams didn't want to make Dilbert too much like other comic strips, although apparently he did create several strips about Dogbert's origins, including a rivalry with another dog named Bingo. Adams has said that Dogbert is a combination of a beagle his family owned when he was a child and the dark side of his own personality. It has apparently never been shown how Dogbert came to live with Dilbert, much less why Dogbert continues to do so. He is a megalomaniac who wishes to conquer the world and enslave all humans. He's come close a few times, although the most he's actually achieved was ruling the eighth-world nation of Elbonia, and has run for President of the US twice. He tends to put down Dilbert on a regular basis, but he apparently has some affection for him, saving Dilbert from those who wish to do him harm. In the business world, he's served as a consultant at Dilbert's company many times, as well as a tech support employee, a supermodel, a substitute teacher, a lawyer, a cult leader, billionaire, talk radio host, all sorts of other jobs – but my favorite might've been when he was a car salesman, and he sold one guy his own car... and then a week later retired because he'd made all the money he needed. He also has several alter egos – Saint Dogbert, the patron saint of technology; Nostridogbert or Nostrildogmas; and Deputy of Common Sense.

Powers: As Saint Dogbert, he is said to be able to heal broken technology with his right paw, and with his scepter he could exorcise the “demons of stupidity.” As Nostridogbert or Nostrildogmas, he was an evil psychic.

Group Affiliation: Dogbert is not part of any group – instead, he is the leader of his own ruling class.

Miscellaneous: I've always personally liked Dogbert more when he punched holes in the pomposity of others!

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