Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This N That Time!

Time for a roundup of stuff again!

ITEM! So I believe a while back I mentioned dropping my iPhone at work, and cracking the glass on it... did I mention that I got a new iPhone about a month or so ago? It's the iPhone 5c, and I like it -- and this time, I got a protective case for it, so I don't have a repeat of that accident!

ITEM! I've been playing a new game on my iPad that I can recommend... it's called Tiny Death Star, and as you can imagine, it's loosely based on Star Wars. It's kind of an 8-bit game, with blocky graphics that makes it a bit charming. The idea behind the game is that you're building the Death Star, one level at a time, but instead of the levels you might expect, you're building residential levels and business levels, along with the Imperial levels! It reminds me a bit of Sim Tower, except that each level only accommodates one thing. Along with the level building, there are also missions to accomplish, such as finding suspected Rebel spies and the like. It's a pretty fun game, and it's free! Of course, there are in-game purchases one can make, but I haven't gotten to the point where I feel like I need to spend real money on the game, so I'll keep playing for a while (I hate games that are touted as free but you quickly get to the point where you have to buy fake stuff for it to play any further... that's not really free!).

ITEM! Just to reassure you that this blog isn't going away for a while, earlier today I finished my posts for March, and have already started working on April's stuff. This should give you an idea of how I get this blog put together:

  • I have a calendar on the computer that I use to schedule all of the various features. Some of them are on a weekly schedule, some biweekly, and some every four weeks. When I start working on a new month of posts, I pull up this calendar.
  • I open my "RAOG Schedule" document and enter in all the feature names for that month, then add a tab with the date. Then I sort the listing so that all of the same features are together, so that I can work on all the Cool Stuff posts, then the Monster Stuff posts, etc. It helps keep things flowing.
  • Next, I open my various documents for other features that I like to write up ahead of time, such as "Indexible Hulk" and "Geek TV," to see how far ahead I've written on each of those. Typically, I like to get ahead of the game on some of those features, so all I have to do is cut and paste the text into Blogger, and then add whatever pictures are needed.
  • The next step is to work on whatever graphics I might need that I don't already have... such as Comics They Never Made covers. I have a master list that I'm working from, and I'm trying to work ahead on those as much as I can.
  • Next, I start working through the various features in alphabetical order. If I've got the text written up, I cut and paste it as needed, otherwise for other features that are mostly graphics, I open up the bookmarks that tell me where I left off in my flickr account on each of those features (such as the aforementioned Cool Stuff, Comic Reading Library, etc.). When I finish the month's posts for that feature, I replace the bookmark so I don't lose my place.
  • Occasionally, a particular feature doesn't appeal to me to prepare for that month, or I just don't have time to prepare that and keep on my personal schedule. In this event, I have a back-up feature I can go to. Sometimes it'll be something I have a backlog of, sometimes it'll be something entirely new.
  • Sometimes, time doesn't permit me to do the next item on my list (for example, the Monkees episode reviews take me an hour or longer, between watching the video, writing my notes, taking screen shots, and researching), so I'll skip to an item that doesn't take quite so long.
  • Typically, the last feature I'll prepare for each month (at least, as of the first of the year) is the Retro-Review, where I take a comic at random from my collection and review it. This is only because it's the last item, alphabetically, on my features list.
  • Depending on what I've prepared in advance, a month's worth of blog entries can take anywhere from two to four weeks (also depends on my current schedule and availability).
So that should let you know what goes into the monthly preparation of this blog.


  1. Interesting, and. A lot of work, but I knew that already. I appreciate the effort you put into it!

  2. Sorry about the typos above. iPad....


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