Friday, December 13, 2013

Cover Redux!

Time to compare original Marvel covers with the reprints again!
And this time out, it's Captain America #100 and Marvel Super Action #1... At first, I thought there weren't any real changes done, other than shifting the art down... but then I noticed the Black Panther figure was rotated and shifted... and then I noticed that Iron Man had been shifted over too (with his foot, illogically, in front of Thor)!

Next, we have Avengers #23 and the reprint in Marvel Triple Action #17... At first glance, this looked like a simple shift down in art... but then I realized that Kang was altered... although it's just his shoulders, arms and head that were shifted down -- his belt remained the same!

Here's an interesting case... Fantastic Four #88 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #70! Some of the original Kirby art was left alone (although moved around a bit), while other parts were copletely redone! Reed's been redrawn from about the waist and elbows up, Sue's right leg has been redrawn, Crystal's arms were redone, the Torch has been pretty much entirely redrawn, and it looks like the Thing was redrawn as well... even the house, when repositioned, ad some of it redrawn! I'm not sure why they didn't just do an all-new cover... or just reduce the original art to accommodate the UPC code.

Finally, we come to Sgt. Fury #36 and the reprint in issue #138... Given the placement side by side, it almost looks like a crossfire, eh? Obviously, the image was flipped and the blurb moved to allow for the UPC code, but it also looks to me a though the smoke was altered at the top, around Dugan.

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  1. I think Kang was redrawn on the cover of Marvel Triple Action #17 because the stat they used for repro was from the color separations and had black screen tone in Kang's figure.
    BTW, I vastly prefer the original (Avengers #23) dramatic coloring!
    And, it looks like Joe SInnott did the re-inking on Marvel's Greatest Comics #70.


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