Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dog of the Geek: Lockjaw!

Lockjaw_001Breed: Inhuman dog (see Miscellaneous)

Original Appearances: Fantastic Four #45

Other Appearances: Many other Marvel comics, most recently those with the Pet Avengers

Biography: Lockjaw was born on the island of Attilan, formerly in the Atlantic Ocean. His primary role is as Crystal's pet as well as teleporter for the Inhuman royal family. When the Royal Family was exiled from the Great Refuge as a result of Maximus the Mad's creation of the Trikon, he joined them. Later, the Inhuman royal family encountered the Fantastic Four, who were harboring the amnesiac Medusa. Later, the Fantastic Four helped the Royal Family return to Attilan, although shortly afterwards, the Great Refuge was sealed off from the rest of the world by Maximus' Negative Zone barrier (not to be confused with the Negative Zone alternative universe Reed Richards discovered). Only Lockjaw could penetrate the barrier, and eventually he came across the Human Torch and Wyatt Wingfoot. Eventually, the barrier was breached. Some years later, Lockjaw and Crystal were captured by Diablo, and they later rescued the injured Quicksilver. Quicksilver and Crystal fell in love and were married. Years after this, when Quicksilver and the Thing witnessed Lockjaw speaking to them, revealing that he was a sentient being once mutated by the Terrigen Mists, which convinces Quicksilver not to expose his daughter Luna to the Mists. Later, it was revealed this was a hoax perpetuated by Karnak and Gorgon. Lockjaw went on to have other adventures with the Inhumans as well as with the Thing, even traveling to the Heroes Reborn universe for one year. When Lockjaw helped the Royal Family rescue Black Bolt from the Skrulls, his abilities get upgraded by the Kree, allowing him to teleport father. Since then, he has been a member of the Pet Avengers.

Powers: Lockjaw possesses super-canine strength in his jaws, even for his size. He has the ability to telport himself and anyone and anything nearby him anywhere he wants, such as from the Earth to the Moon or even between dimensions. Barriers that appear impenetrable to others are no problem for Lockjaw. He also has the ability to track a “scent” across dimensional space, and can apparently sense danger from far off. He is able to chew and swallow inorganic material with no ill effect.

Group Affiliation: Inhumans

Miscellaneous: Other versions of Lockjaw appear in Earth X, Marvel Knights 2099, and Ultimate Fantastic Four, all with variations on the original. He appears to be the only “pet” in the Inhumans society... which begs the question, is he really a pet at all? I always liked the reveal that John Byrne came up with that he wasn't really a dog, but an Inhuman who had been exposed to the Terrigen Mists... regardless of what someone else came up with later on.

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  1. I remember him having a one sentence conversation with the Thing when the Thing asked him why he never spoke. But I do prefer him as an animal because he is such a great part of the Pet Avengers. Thank you for reminding me of Lockjaw.


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