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Dog of the Geek: Space Canine Patrol Agents!

space canine patrol agents
Breed: Alien Super-Dogs

Original Appearances: Superboy #131

Other Appearances: A few other Superboy issues; post-Crisis, they appeared in an issue of Animal Man; a different version appeared in the Krypto the Super-Dog cartoon (see miscellaneous). Several of the animated agents were also sold as action figures.

Biography: In deep space, Krypto is exploring when he finds what he first thinks is a giant balloon, but turns out to be Mammoth Mutt. When Mammoth Mutt is mortally injured, he tells Krypto about the Space Canine Patrol Agents, which he is a member of, and asks Krypto to avenge his death by capturing the Canine Caper Gang, a group of interstellar dog crooks who were responsible for his death. Krypto succeeds in capturing the gang, but not before he's temporarily captured and put in a cell with other captured SCPA members. Krypto succeeds in breaking them out of jail and the gang is captured. Later, Krypto is inducted into the SCPA.

Powers: Each member had a unique power, like the Legion of Super-Heroes. Tail Terrier has an elastic tail; Mammoth Mutt can inflate to many times his size; Hot Dog is pyrokinetic; Tusky Husky can turn one of his canine teeth into a tusk; Bull Dog can grow horns; Paw Pooch can grow extra limbs; Chameleon Collie is a shapeshifter; Prophetic Pup is clairvoyant; Mammoth Miss (Mammoth Mutt's girlfriend) can also inflate; Beam Beagle possesses “Searchlight Eyes.”

Group Affiliation: They're their own group, with the motto, “Big dog, big dog, bow wow wow, we'll fight evil, now, now, now!”

Miscellaneous: The SCPA members who appeared in that issue of Animal Man were shown as being in comic book limbo, having been written out of continuity. In the 2000 Krypto the Superdog animated series, the SCPA was introduced as the Dog Star Patrol, and included Tail Terrier, Mammoth Mutt, Hot Dog, Tusky Husky, Bull Dog, Paw Pooch, and new members Drooly and leader Brainy Barker (with psychic abilities). In the cartoon, Streaky the Supercat and Ace the Bathound were also made members.

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  1. When "comic books" were actually read by kids, they were a lot more fun.


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