Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My Latest Pitch: Outer Limits Figures!

OK, stop me if you've heard this one before: I would love for some company to get the license to produce figures based on the monsters, aliens, and others from The Outer Limits. Wouldn't that be a cool line of figures to collect?

The way I see it, they could be done as poseable action figures, or even just as PVC figures. Actually, I'd almost prefer the latter, because then they could be done in sets, say about a half dozen figures per set. Each set could come with a trading card for each figure, with details about the episode it came from.

Just imagine being able to put figures of David McCallum from “The Sixth Finger” or even the “Zanti Misfits” or any of the other memorable creatures from The Outer Limits on your shelves?

Heck, why not make the packaging for the figures work well for displaying them, for those who don't want to take their toys out of the package? Be innovative and make the boxes with some kind of mounting on the back that could be used to place the box on nails or tacks, and you'd really have something. Even cooler would be if when the boxes were placed together just so, they created an extra bonus picture somehow (or maybe it could be the sides of the boxes, I'll let the packagers and licensors work out those details).

I know, this is a short pitch, but when I was posting Outer Limits cards for Cool Stuff (and yeah, it's possible that installment's running after you see this) the thought came into my head, and I had to get it out!

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