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The Beatles Cartoon, Episode 10!

The first story in this episode is called "Long Tall Sally," and obviously features the Beatles' version of the Little Richard song. As it opens, John, George and Paul are driving slowly through a fog in their car, Ringo walking ahead of them with a flashlight to show the way. John remarks that they'll never make London that night, and George suggests they find a place to stop for the night. Ringo comes upon a foreboding-looking gate, behind which is a castle. They approach the castle, and John uses the knocker. They hear dogs barking, and then the door is opened, and an old man holding said dog answers. When John asks if he has a room for the night, the man beckons them in.

beatles10-04beatles10-03They walk down a hallway filled with suits of armor (which they're told is cursed, they belonged to two mortal enemies, and whoever puts them on again would also become enemies until the great drums of peace echo in the castle). Ringo assures him they wouldn't think of putting them on, but sure enough, John and Ringo decide to put the armor on. Paul hands John the lance of Salisbury, otherwise known as Long Tall Sally. Paul reminds John of the curse, but John assures him that he and Ringo are pals, they'd never become enemies. However, it's not long before they start fighting, with a the lance (which looks more like a pike) and a mace (given to Ringo). Paul realizes the curse is working.

beatles10-05The song begins playing as the fight continues, and Paul and George look on in shock. John starts chasing Ringo down the hall, Paul and George following, before they fight continues again. There's a lot of cutting between the fight, Paul, and George (including many of the same shots). They run up and down the stairs, and the song fades out long enough for Paul to recall the drum of peace needs to be played, then fades back in. The song ends as John pushes Ringo over a parapet, but John falls too, and they land in a large drum, which they determine is the drum of peace.
John and Ringo are friends again, and all is well until Ringo squeezes John's hand too hard, and then John chases Ringo off again. George says, "I guess it's just one of those days," to which Paul quips, "Yes, and two of those knights!" The song fades back in briefly before the story ends.

Then it's sing-along time! First up is "I'll Follow the Sun," introduced by George. Ringo's still filling in for the prop man, and when George says the song has a lot of mood, Ringo dashes off stage, coming back riding a rather large cow ("mooed").

beatles10-07The song begins, with sunny skies and beautiful forests, and a lovelorn bird. The only lyric screw-up is after the guitar solo, when the lyric is, "Yeah, tomorrow may rain, so I'll follow the sun," and the onscreen lyric shows "But" instead of "Yeah," so it's pretty minor. An extra couple of repeats of the last line are edited in. The Beatles aren't shown at all.

beatles10-08Next, George is back to introduce the next song, and he berates Maria, Peter and Shiela, who are presumably children who didn't sing along. When George tells Ringo it's a real "swinger-dinger," Ringo has the Hunchback of Notre Dame cut the rope to a large bell, which falls on George and gets a crack in it. Benjamin Franklin and someone else (Thomas Jefferson?) come out, see it, and say it's just what they're looking for before they haul it away.

beatles10-09"When I Get Home" starts, with shots of a ship on the sea, John driving a car, a plane in the air, and more (each Beatle gets a shot in a car). When they're putting the lyrics up for the song, the chorus line, "Whoah, I..." keeps appearing as "Whoa Ah". It sounds like an alternate take of the song was used, as some of the phrasing seems off to me. The final chorus has the "Whoh, I..." edited out of it.

beatles10-10The episode ends with "I'll Cry Instead." It opens in Japan, where John and Paul are posing as Ringo takes their picture, and George is being besieged by Japanese women wanting his autograph. George is late for a Judo lesson, and is dressed appropriately. Paul says, "Get him! A Japanese Beatle!" When Ringo tries to get George into the picture by taking his hand, George screams in pain, and John diagnoses it as "autographitis." Ringo suggests they get George to a doctor, and they head off running.

beatles10-12They pass an eye doctor and a foot doctor before they find a hand doctor, and rush inside. But it's actually a Sumo wrestling and karate dojo. One karate fighter asks who he's fighting today, and his manager says he's fighting the man with the stiffest hand in the world, "The Masked Masher." Outside, George is concerned that if it's recognized, they'll ask for another autograph. Paul tears off part of George's belt to make a mask, and they enter.

beatles10-11Naturally, they assume inside George is the Masked Masher, and the fight begins, to George's dismay! Paul says, "For the honor of the Beatles, you must safe face!" to which George replies, "But what about the rest of me?" Ringo tucks a doll in George's belt for good luck. The karate champ starts laying into George as the song begins.

beatles10-13George gets the crap beat out of him, occasionally crying as the chorus plays. One really feels sorry for George in this, as he definitely does not have the upper hand! His lucky break comes when he finds the doll Ringo gave him, and when he bends down to picks it up, he accidentally ducks as the karate master is leaping at him, causing the karate master to crash. Then, when he rushes back towards George, George gets hold of his opponent's belt, which causes him to spin around and crash again.

beatles10-14George is victorious, and somehow, the exercise he got cures him of "autographitis." The karate master bows to George, but accidentally injures George's foot!

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