Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Beatles Cartoon, Episode 11!

beatles11-02And we're up to episode #11 in the Beatles' animated adventures! This episode opens with "I'll Follow the Sun," which you may recall was one of the sing-alongs in the last episode. As it opens, the Beatles are driving when their car break down. Nearby, a highwayman, who masks himself and his horse, Millie, go to the attack of another vehicle with disastrous results, breaking his sword in the process.

beatles11-03Meanwhile, John and Paul are under the car, and George and Ringo think they're trying to fix it, but in reality, they're writing another song! The highwayman sees them, and rides to the attack! George and Ringo are about to try fixing the car, and when they spot the highwayman riding, they hide under the car with their bandmates. The highwayman is dismayed by this, he wants to capture them. When they emerge, he recognizes them! Holding them at swordpoint, he marches them off. When George complains they're tired, he stops, tries to tie them (but the rope falls down, loose), and George helpfully reties them together.

beatles11-04The highwayman goes off to ask a ransom for the captured Beatles. They break free from the ropes, and John says the highway is west, towards the sun, but clouds start covering the sun as the song begins. Between shots of the Beatles walking and George getting involved in a foxhunt, we see shots of the sun and clouds from last episode's sing-along. The fox and George help each other evade the pursuing hounds. The instrumental is edited out of the song, along with most of the last verse and chorus.

beatles11-05The Beatles wind up back at their car, which is being repaired by the highwayman, who's gone straight, and is now fixing cars. When the Beatles get the bill, they respond, "That's highway robbery!"

Next, it's sing-along time! This time, Paul introduces it as Ringo arranges to have a "Singalong Time" sign put in place. Paul lectures Ringo on his diction, especially dropping the "g" at the end of a word. When Ringo says it never hurt anyone, the G from the sign falls and hits him on the head.

beatles11-06As the singalong starts, we see shots of John wearing a clown hat and in the midst of his antics, he keeps hurting himself, and crying (just in time for the chorus line). During the last verse, in the line "I'm gonna' break their hearts all around the world," the word "Their" is dropped.

Next, Paul is starting to compliment the kids for their singing, but Ringo interrupts him with his diction exercises. When Paul asks Ringo, "Don't you know the King's English?" Ringo replies, "I know the Queen is!" Paul offers to help after the singalong, and after a ridiculous series of promises (like "cross your heart and hope to die," and getting more extreme with each one), Ringo leaves, saying he won't take any help from someone who'd be cruel to animals. As he walks past a brown cow (a person in disguise), he says, "How now, brown cow?" causing the person to take the mask off and saying, "Can't complain."

beatles11-07The singalong begins with "Honey Don't," appropriately enough featuring pictures of George trying to get a jar of honey, then being beset upon by a bunch of presumably teenage girl bears. It's impossible to determine how accurate the on-screen lyrics are, as the copy of the cartoon I have is washed out during this segment. The guitar solos are cut, and an extra first verse is added in, plus the guitar riff at the end is duplicated.

beatles11-09Finally, we have "When I Get Home," which opens at the Cathedral of Notre Dame and the Hunchback, and we're told that while he was frightening in the past, the Parisians got used to him, and these days he's still trying to scare people, without success. Instead, he hears girls screaming not for him, but for the Beatles! The Fab Four duck into the Cathedral to hide. They talk about how terrible it is that they can't even take a walk without girls screaming, but that it would be worse if they stopped screaming.

beatles11-10The Beatles decide to take a look around, spied upon by Quasimodo. When Quasimodo hears John doubt that he existed, he decides to show them! He tries to open a trap door underneath their feet, but it won't open... until he jumps up and down on it (apparently he bought it from the Acme Corporation). Paul says Paris is fun, but he can hardly wait to get home!
And if that sounds like a song cue, well, it is! As the song starts, Quasimodo tries to get the Beatles  without any success (no wonder the Parisians aren't scared of him anymore). He tries to cut the rope of a bell to send it down on them, but instead a different bell hits him! He tries cutting another bell, but Ringo pulls the rope for it, and he's clobbered by an automated bell-ringer. The song gets a lot of bells added over the soundtrack. When he does cut through that rope, since he's hanging on the bell at the time, he falls with it. That's when the Beatles finally notice him.

The Beatles confer between each other, and take Quasimodo out of the Cathedral and to a nearby theater, where he becomes a famous musical act, ringing bells. He's so successful George is concerned about the competition!

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