Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This 'N That Time!

So... time for a round-up of news and tidbits from my life!

ITEM! Just starting to watch Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, I'm on the second episode as I write this. I've read that the show starts out fairly slow, but I don't really see that myself. I do wish that there was more use of Marvel concepts and characters than I've seen so far, but at this point, I like it.

ITEM! So the job could be going better... and that's not to mean that I'm not doing well at the job by any means; they seem very happy with me there. Unfortunately, this time of year, they're looking at cutting ours, and this week, I'm only scheduled to work two days... and those are only seven hour days (although the last seven hour shift I worked stretched to eight). Yesterday, I came across listings for two different jobs that would get me back into graphic design, plus there was a marketing position... any of those three jobs would be more fun than what I'm doing, and get me back into normal working hours -- if nothing else, they'd be a lot less tiring, and less stress on my body!

ITEM! This Friday, I'm finally getting around to getting a medical procedure that all men are supposed to get done when they turn 50... I'm not expecting to get any bad news from this, but good thoughts are always appreciated!

ITEM! One never knows what will spark a memory sometimes... the other day, I saw a post on Facebook of someone's teddy bear, and it reminded me of Bandi.  Bandi was a mascot I made way back in the late 1970s for the Tacoma branch of the Puget Sound Star Trekkers, the local Star Trek club I used to belong to. Bandi was basically a teddy bear in a Star Fleet uniform, all hand-made. As I've written about here and there before, that club eventually broke off from PSST and became independent, and even then went into a few iterations before I pretty much broke off from them just as the club was self-destructing. So seeing the photo reminded me of Bandi (he was named after a David Gerrold story concept for TOS), and wondering what had ever become of him. The club was headed by Sherrill Hendricks, and so far as I know, she kept Bandi once the club ended... or perhaps she passed it on to one of her daughters. I'm no longer in touch with most of the people from that club, so I have no idea of Sherrill is even alive anymore. I posted on Facebook asking if anyone had any contact info or any idea where Bandi might be, but so far, no responses... so Bandi is probably still lost forever to me. It would be nice to have him back.

ITEM! After a bit of an unplanned break in December, I've finally gotten back to work on new posts for this blog, so the May posts are being created as you read this, more or less. There's nothing new coming there that you haven't already seen here (or will be introduced before then), but I thought you regular readers might like to know that there's still at least four and a half months of daily posts coming your way! I know that myself, I hate it when I've been following a blog and it suddenly stops posting (there's a few on my link list that are about ready to be removed due to lack of posts... and nothing had been posted there that said they were going on hiatus), so I want to make sure that doesn't happen here. Believe me, if I end up some day deciding to finish this blog, I'll be posting a farewell message -- but that's not in the cards yet! Worst case scenario if this stops posting, it means something has happened to me, and the blog probably won't be starting up again... but I've been tempted to post a "message from beyond the grave" that would be scheduled to run well after the last posts I prepare, and to keep changing the date, so that won't post prematurely! Kind of morbid, isn't it?

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