Friday, February 07, 2014

Cover Redux!

It's that time again, when I compare two Marvel Comics covers... the original cover, and the reprint version!

First up, we have Sgt. Fury #31 and the reprint in issue #133... and to my eye, the original cover was reduced slightly and shifted down, but no other changes that I can see.
Next, it's Tales to Astonish #84 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #39... and I note that Namor's mouth was altered for the reprint... a rather odd change, isn't it? I wonder if the original drawn mouth is on the reprint, while the original cover has a pasted over mouth... and the paste-over fell off for the reprint?

Next, Amazing Spider-Man #157 and Marvel Tales #34... looks like the cover was shifted down a little bit, but that's about all!

Next, it's Fantastic Four #86 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #68. Obviously, the issue was that the logo was too big on the reprint for the original book to work... so the Doom figure got cut and pasted around, with some new art added (note the holster and the cape on the right side). The FF figures were reduced, and shifted over with new art added on the left to accommodate the UPC code.

And finally, we have Incredible Hulk #129 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #81... The original was reduced quite a bit fort he reprint, and shifted down, with the blurb moved to the right side as well. Note that the road in the background (Behind the logo) was eliminated for the reprint.

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