Tuesday, February 11, 2014

It Was Nine Years Ago Today...

...that the very first post of this blog was made! So, as we head into the tenth year of Random Acts of Geekery, let's take a brief look at the history of this blog, as well as looking into the future!

Those of you who've been with me for the last nine years will recall that when I started this blog, it was originally called Waffyjon's Random Thoughts, and it wasn't quite the wide-ranging old-school pop culture celebration it's become since then. The impetus for the blog was begun in 2005's Emerald City Comicon, where I hosted a trivia contest, and got a chance to talk to one of the guests of that contest, who had his own blog. At the same time, I had been waiting for a response from a website concerning a weekly column I proposed called "Cover Stories," which would feature comics covers with a similar theme. I had been an active member of a few mailing lists, such as Silver Age Reviews and one other whose name I now forget, which had members posting comics covers and the like, plus I had worked on a few different comics websites, none of which maintained my interest enough to keep them going (such as "Comic Book Covers and Ads of the 1970s"). Another inspiration was Tony Isabella, whose online column I'd been a regular reader of for some time.

Along with all this, my own life was in the process of changing. I'd met my now-wife, Jessi, the previous July, and I had already been working on getting Krypto from a breeder across the country. I was working then at The Olympian here in Olympia, just finishing up my first year on the job there designing advertising.

If you go back to the earliest posts, you'll see that I didn't really have a clear direction in mind, but I tried to maintain a daily posting schedule. This was made much easier once Blogger added the functionality to create posts to be published on a scheduled basis, which allowed me to work on blog posts whenever I had the time, as well as to get ahead of schedule. Eventually, some of the regular features started appearing, such as Cool Stuff (originally titled "Found on eBay"), and I also joined in the annual Countdown to Halloween. Of course, like all good blogs should, this one continued to evolve... and eventually, there were even spin-off blogs that focused on specific characters or themes, such as the Superman, Batman, Godzilla, Frankenstein, Dracula, and more blogs, none of which were able to continue for very long. These spin-offs were originally started because I found myself with extra time, and also to see how I could boost my advertising revenues. I still get comments from those blogs to this day, even though none of them have had new posts for years!

My own life would continue to change as well, with Krypto's arrival, then moving in with Jessi, getting married (and having to have emergency gall bladder surgery the next day), moving to a new house, becoming foster and eventually adoptive parents of our children, Tristan and Desi, dealing with the death of my father, being laid off of my job at the newspaper and going back to school to get a degree in Medical Assisting (a waste of time so far as getting a job was concerned -- there's very few openings for male MA's, it turns out -- but education in and of itself is never a waste), having my father-in-law move in with us, trying truck driving for a year and hating it, and then getting a job at Walmart (and since I'm writing this in October of 2014, I'll likely have posted updates on that by now)... and many, many other developments that I haven't even mentioned yet! But as has been noted in episodes of Star Trek and elsewhere, change is a necessity of life!

I'll have to admit, when I first started doing this blog, I had no idea I'd still be doing it nine years later, but at this point, I don't see when I'll be giving it up! Oh, sure, some of the features may end up going away, but they will be replaced by other features as well. I have a lot of things planned that haven't showed up here yet, and some planned features that I just haven't had the ability or time to work on as of yet. Fortunately, I don't foresee the need to ever get away from the current seven day a week, two posts per day publishing schedule that I was glad to get back to. I hope that you will all continue to stay with me, and hey, tell your fellow geek friends to check it out, won't you?

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