Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Latest Pitch: DC Nation – The Channel!

Even though we've been without cable for about a year and a half, I still have fond memories of watching the DC Nation block on Cartoon Network... and lately, I got to thinking... why not spin that off into an entire network?

Think about it: Get all the various TV shows, cartoons, serials and movies based on DC comics characters on one channel. Sure, it might have to be supplemented by some of the Hanna-Barbera superheroes like Space Ghost, Bird Man, Shazzan, etc., but still... consider just how much product there is that could be shown! Make one night a week for a movie feature, and then run the Superman movies, the Batman movies, Watchmen, Swamp Thing... and when they run out of those, run serials in their place! Show The Adventures of Captain Marvel one episode after another, or the two Superman serials, or the two Batman serials, or Blackhawk, or Congo Bill, or Vigilante, or anyone else I'm not thinking of. Include all the direct-to-video animated films, such as Mask of the Phantasm, Sub-Zero, and the like. Yes, there will be a pretty fast rotation, but maybe that'll give some impetus to doing new DC movies.

Along with all the previous stuff that's been done, also have new programming... a DC Nation daily program, that could feature news about upcoming comics, interviews with creators past and present, coverage of other stuff (like toy releases, conventions, etc.). Half hour shows Monday through Friday, and then a weekend edition that's an hour long, that could include the highlights of the previous week plus different stuff just for the weekend.

Heck, just make it 12 hours of programming a day that repeats starting at noon... so if you can't watch Super Friends at 4 in the morning, you can watch it at 4 in the evening!

And the channel would need to get major clearance... Warner should have some pull (after all, they do own one of the major cable companies) to get it as a standard channel offering. It should also be available to watch “live” on a DC Nation website, too.

Marvel could get in on this, too... how does “Planet Marvel” grab you for their own channel?

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  1. That'll be cool. I like to see DC & Marvel hook up they have plenty of series and movies. Plus Shazam/Isis hour, Astro Boy, Green Hornet, Mr. Terrific, Captain Nice, The Tick, Underdog, '77 Spiderman movies w/ Nicholas Hammond and how many Spiderman animated series did he put out? I don't mind if they skip The Cape, Power Rangers, TMNT and Heroes series. You know you open the door then we get stuck w/ The Powder Puff Girls like they did on Boomerang.


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