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The Beatles Cartoon, Episode 13!

beatles13-01The first story in episode 13 of the Beatles' animated series is "I'm a Loser," and obviously features that song, which was on the Beatles' album Rubber Soul. It opens at the Hollywood studio of Incredible Pictures, where Ringo plans to be discovered. Ringo tells his bandmates that it's been fun, but now that he's made it to Hollywood, he doesn't know if there'll be a place for them. Ringo sneaks past the studio guard. Inside, in a Producer's office, they need a new stuntman desperately.

beatles13-02Outside, Ringo finds a mechanical horse that he rides as the other swatch, and then John finds a lever that changes the speed of the horse. The producer arrives just as Ringo is tossed from the horse, and manages to catch him. He immediately offers Ringo the stuntman job. Ringo's first stunt is for a football movie, where Ringo's standing in for the quarterback, and gets tackled. Next, he's in a boxing movie, and he gets knocked out. The song begins.

beatles13-03Next, Ringo's a swashbuckler who gets his sword bent and then he's hit twice with a rolling pin by the Queen before her guards go after him. Ringo races up the steps of the castle tower, running out of the window by accident, then falling to the moat below, where he lands in the open mouth of an alligator... or does he? Because the next cut has Ringo safely hanging from the poleaxe of a guard. The next shot has Ringo as the pilot of an airplane, then jumping out with a parachute... except that it's an umbrella that collapses, sending poor Ringo plummeting into a barrel of water. Between these shots, we see Paul, George and John performing the title track, and the animators even include a harmonica for John to play the solo with! Next, Ringo's on a horse, which goes berserk when it sits on a cactus, eventually throwing Ringo off his back. Then, Ringo's playing a spy whose gun only pops out a flag that says "bang," while his opponent as a working tommy gun that fills Ringo's trenchcoat full of lead (fortunately Ringo's wearing a bullet proof vest, but then we see that's full of holes, too, as is Ringo). Next, it's Ringo as a bullfighter, and as you can expect, Ringo gets butted by the bull.

beatles13-04The final scene (as the song fades out) has Ringo playing human cannonball. Ringo ends up bandaged in the hospital, as the Producer gives Ringo a bonus of $12.38, while the star of the picture (whom we're now seeing for the first time), Rory Rock, gets a million! Ringo is upset about Rory not even being in the picture, and manages to knock loose the weight holding his leg up, which causes him to dangle from the ceiling. The Producer says he wants to use Ringo in his next picture, but Ringo doesn't like that idea!

Next, it's singalong time, with the first song being "No Reply." Paul introduces this one, and when he calls Ringo the prop man, Paul says they're doing a tender, romantic love song, and Ringo appears in a Cupid outfit (I think we've seen this before). Ringo shoots an arrow that flies around the stage and cuts the rope Ringo's hanging from, breaking it. Paul asks Ringo if he's Cupid or Stupid, and Ringo says he's Cupid with a "K."

beatles13-05The singalong is accompanied by pictures of two turtles, one smoking a cigar, the other hiding in its shell. The first turtle drops its cigar and walks off, while the other takes the cigar and smokes it in the shell. This causes the first turtle to come back to see the second turtle sick. Most of the second verse is cut out. Interestingly, when they get to the middle eight, the word "realize" is spelled in the English fashion, as "realise"! We continue with the turtles on the second verse repeat (complete this time), as one turtle calls the other, but the other doesn't answer. Kind of silly, if you ask me.

Paul comes out for the second introduction, and criticizes Susan and Adam for not singing. Ringo's called again and told the next song is a torch song, and Ringo comes back as the Statue of Liberty on roller skates (I know we've seen this before).

beatles13-06The second song begins, "I'm Happy Just to Dance With You," and actually starts out with actual animation, as Paul is dancing with a bear at a circus, but when the lyrics start, we're back to stills (I'll bet that this animation pops up again when there's a story using the same song). Paul doesn't seem too thrilled by this. We also get other shots of clowns and the like, as well as the Beatles playing bumper cars and posing behind cut-outs of different people. By the end of the song, Paul seems to be enjoying his dance more. There's no error in lyrics at all.

The final segment features "I Wanna Be Your Man," which you may recall my writing about before. The story behind this song is that the Rolling Stones, when they were just starting out, asked John and Paul if they had a song they could use, and 15 minutes later, they presented this to them. The Stones' version was a bit different, musically, than the Beatles' version, which featured Ringo singing the lead.

beatles13-07This story opens in Rome, where the Beatles are eating pizza at an outdoor cafe. John and Ringo discuss ideas for souvenirs to bring back. George is reading the "Daily Pasta," which has a story about a million dollars in gold coins being stolen (good thing George found an English language edition).

beatles13-08We see the thieves have taken the stolen gold and melted it down, forming it into a statue of the goddess Musica. One of them is painting the statue white so it resembles a sculpture. They figure they can sneak the statue out. They start rolling it out, but when they spot a policeman, they take a turn into a statuary, where of course the Beatles are marveling at the statues, and planning to buy one. They spot the statue of Musica, and immediately want it. The owner of the statuary doesn't know where it came from, but sells the statue to them anyway. As Ringo is wheeling it out, he sees a giant bust of an old emperor that strongly looks like him.

beatles13-09As the Beatles leave, the thieves are spying on them, and start after them on a scooter, swiping the statue as they pass. The Beatles start chasing the thieves on foot, and when the scooter rides over some rubble, the statue comes loose, rolling down the street back at the Fab Four... or rather, bouncing on the wheel it's being hauled on. It bounces over them and into the city, and the Beatles give chase, and the song begins.

So, as the song goes, we see the statue bouncing, followed by the Beatles, the thieves, and a policeman. (he joined the chase after the thieves zipped past him). Everyone they pass ends up being affected in some way, such as a man eating spaghetti who ends up with it on his head, or the pizza chef tossing dough that ends up on his head. The policeman also tends to be run over quite a bit, too.

beatles13-10The chase finally ends when the statue lands in a fountain, which washes off the paint, much to the thieves' chagrin, and they're hauled off. They return to the statuary, where they show the reward they got for their part in capturing the thieves -- a miniature music box, featuring miniature figures of the Beatles in ancient Roman gear, and when they turn it on, it plays the song again in superspeed.

So, another fun episode! I think my favorite part was the second story, myself.

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