Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Comic Book Ads: More Miscellaneous Ads!

And it's more miscellaneous stuff, although we might touch back on an item or two from last time! Anyway, here's an ad for Nabisco Shredded Wheat with their latest gimmick to get kids to want to eat those huge, dry biscuits! Eventually they'd come up with the spoon size version, and then frosted, and that would get the kids eating even without a prize!

I don't see how even this offer made Grape Nuts appealing to kids.. even as an adult, I can't stand 'em!

Here's a color version of the same ad I posted last time around!

Here's a couple more ads for Yanks Bubble Gum!

These ads for Winthrop Shoes pretty much copy the style of the existing Wheaties ads, which we'll get to one of these days!

Missed including these model train ads last time!

Here's an interesting ad for Erector Set, but what's really interesting is the presence of Superman at the bottom, appearing in the pages of his greatest competitor's comics!

Speaking of competitors, here's an ad for talking Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig toys... I guess it couldn't run in the Dell comics featuring those characters, as they rarely had ads in those days.

And here's another ad with characters that were running in Dell Comics at the time!

I didn't realize the spy toy craze existed back in this day... I thought it began in the 60s with James Bond!

Did they really figure kids would be able to sell salve door to door? Someone must've thought so!

I can only imagine that Hot Ralston and Instant Ralston were similar to Cream of Wheat or Malt-O-Meal cereals...

And we'll wrap this installment up with this ad for the art instruction school, getting people to submit their versions of a drawing even back then!

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