Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Comic Book Ads: More Miscellaneous Fawcett Comics Ads!

At least the first few ads this time will feature famous cowboys of the silver screen hawking various products, like this one with Roy Rogers!

Next, it's Tom Mix's turn to hawk some items!

Cowboys galore in this View-Master ad!

Getting away from the cowboys...
Here's an ad for a couple of Halloween masks, much more deluxe than some ads I've seen of the era!

I've never heard of Dash dog food, I'm guessing the name either changed or the product didn't last!

This ad sure makes the life of an artist seem glamorous, doesn't it?

Here's another View-Master ad with a variety of subjects! Sometimes I forget how long it's been around!

Next, it's a full-color Erector Set ad! That toy's been around for a long time too, hasn't it?

Before Charlie the Tuna, there was Loona the Tuna, as you can see by this ad!

And here's an ad from the NRA! I didn't expect to find that!

More miscellaneous ads next time around!

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