Thursday, April 10, 2014

Comics They Never Made!

Time for another parade of mocked-up comic book covers, all created by me of licensed comics that never existed!

At first, you might  look at this one and think, "Hey, there have been all kinds of Dick Tracy comics published," and you'd be correct -- except that this one is based on the animated series, in which Dick Tracy played what can generously be described as a minor supporting role, appearing only at the beginning to hear about a crime and who's committed it, and then calling in one of his deputies (Joe Jitsu, Hemlock Holmes, etc.)... and then later, when the deputy's found the crooks, he'll yell "Hold it!" or "Hold everything!" so he can check in with Tracy... and then again at the end, when the crooks are arrested.

When I started researching popular TV shows that weren't ever done as comics, I was surprised to find that Davey and Goliath was one that had never been done as a comic before! As a kid, I loved this show, although I didn't really catch on that there was a huge religious message in each episode (it must've been the combination of the stop-motion animation and talking dog that got me hooked). I've yet to watch it as an adult, it's probably a lot preachier than I recall.

Another show that I'm surprised never had a comic spin-off is Diff'rent Strokes, which was amazingly popular for quite a few years, even spawning a spin-off of its own, The Facts of Life (another show that could've easily been done as a comic book). I'd imagine this would be a pretty easy book to write, as the personalities of the characters were pretty well-defined, and it would mainly be a matter of coming up with situations for them!

The final cover in this installment features the animated version of Doctor Dolittle, a show that is only available to watch if you search properly on YouTube. I only vaguely recall seeing this as a child, and watching an episode on YouTube convinced me that I recalled pretty much nothing about the show!

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