Friday, April 04, 2014

Covers Redux!

So for those of you just joining us here at the Random Acts of Geekery, this feature is "Covers Redux," in which I compare the cover of a Marvel Comic to the cover of the reprint book that the interior was reprinted in. Sometimes, there's a brand-new cover, and I'll nitpick a bit about which one I prefer (usually the original), sometimes the only change is the coloring (which was much better in the Silver Age, I think), sometimes there are obvious changes, and sometimes they're subtle! So let's see what this installment brings us, shall we?
First up, it's Fantastic Four #69 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #52. The changes here are subtle... At first, it looks like the image was just shifted down, with the bottom cropped... but that's not quite all. The image has been enlarged (hence the bottom cropping), but it's also been rotated slightly. The debris Ben is holding has been altered, and it looks like at least Ben's head has been slightly reworked, and possibly his left arm as well. Some of the background debris seems to be missing, although this could be due to enlarging from a stat of the original art. Also note that Johnny's flame trail has been changed, so that the total arc of flame is shown here.
This one is interesting... Amazing Spider-Man #18 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #13... the entire image has been shifted up and slightly enlarged, and an all-new Sandman figure has been put in here (I don't know if it's copied from an interior panel or not).

Next, we've got Tales of Suspense #90 and Marvel Double Feature #14. The reprint is slightly shifted down, and it appears that the viewscreen might have some minor alterations made, but I'm not certain of that. Note that the blurb has been enlarged even more than the rest of the art!

Next, we have The Incredible Hulk #117 and Marvel Super-Heroes #71... I'm not sure why an all-new cover has been done for the reprint, as the scene is basically the same, even if the Super Humanoid has been drawn incorrectly on the new cover. Maybe part of the reason is to show more of the Hulk's face?

Here's another one where the reprint features an all-new cover... Fantastic Four #37 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #30... I'm kind of torn here, because while I usually prefer a Kirby cover, this was one of his less-inspired cover designs, while the reprint clearly shows that the Skrulls are involved.

Next, Sgt. Fury #27 and the reprint in #89... only very minor changes here, the "At Last!!" blurb has been moved and rotated slightly, and the bar in the background has been shifted over (meaning some new art was needed).

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