Tuesday, April 08, 2014

My Latest Pitch: Marvel Universe – The Ride!

This pitch is aimed squarely at the Disneyland people – not that any of them read this blog, but I'm putting this out there anyway.

Marvel Universe – The Ride would be a great addition to Disneyland, I believe. With Disney owning Marvel, there needs to be a presence there more than just some items in the gift shops and perhaps people dressed as the Marvel superheroes (although there'd best be that, too!).

Marvel Universe – The Ride could be done one of two ways; it could either be a motion simulator ride, or a full-fledged roller coaster, depending on what kind of money they want to throw at it. The idea is that you'd ride in a Fantasti-Car (or perhaps a Quinjet) on a tour of the Marvel Universe, kind of like Star Tours. You'd take off from either the Baxter Building or Avengers Mansion (as appropriate, based on which vehicle is used for the ride) and go on a flying tour of Marvel's New York, seeing all the sights there with the superheroes. Maybe you'd see the Mole Man attacking the surface world, and the Fantastic Four battling him... the Avengers fighting the Masters of Evil... the X-Men fighting Magneto and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants... Spider-Man fighting Doctor Octopus... and so forth. You'd only get a few seconds' look at each of these scenes, along with flybys of the various landmarks we've come to expect from Marvel's New York.

If we go virtual ride, from New York we could dive underwater for a quick visit to Atlantis, and then up into space for an invasion of the Skrulls or Kree, with appropriate heroes battling that. We could get a flyby (and fly around) the SHIELD helicarrier.

All of these things could involve some kind of interaction with what's going on, so that you feel a part of what's happening.

What would be even cooler would be if there were multiple sequences, so that every ride would be different... i.e., one time you ride it could be the FF vs. Doctor Doom, or even Galactus! You'd never know what was going to happen until you got there.

I'm kind of thinking that a Fantasti-Car would work the best, and they could even have HERBIE the Robot being the host of the tour.

What do you think? I'd love to see this happen before my family's next visit to the Magic Kingdom!

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  1. DL has already had Thor and Cap available for meet n greets, which is very cool! I like the idea of a Star Tours type ride because then you're not limited by physical space. Although something like Universal's Harry Potter ride would be mind blowing.


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