Monday, May 26, 2014

Ape of the Geek: Blip!

Blip and friends
Species: Monkey, either of Terran or extraterrestrial origin.

First Appearance: Space Ghost and Dino Boy (Hanna-Barbera, 1966)

Other Appearances: Space Stars (Space Ghost segments, 1981), several Gold Key comics featuring Space Ghost, as well as assorted other comics from Comico, Archie, and DC. He also appeared in an episode of Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.

Merchandising: Blip has appeared along with Space Ghost in a number of pieces of merchandise, from puzzles to a Big Little Book.

Biography: Unless something was mentioned in the DC Space Ghost mini-series, not much is known about how Blip became a member of Space Ghost's team. In many ways, Blip is Space Ghost's “secret weapon,” often disregarded as a threat by villains and able to help Space Ghost out of a jam. According to one website, Blip is Jan and Jace's pet.

Powers: Blip has no powers of his own, except for a higher than normal intelligence for a monkey. He is capable of using the jetpack and inviso-power belt provided him by Space Ghost, as well as understanding spoken commands from Space Ghost and his assistants, Jan and Jace.

Miscellaneous: In the original cartoons, Blip was voiced by Don Messick. For the Space Stars episodes, he was voiced by Frank Welker.

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