Monday, May 05, 2014

Character Collectible Spotlight: Shazzan!

Yes, I'm still looking at Hanna-Barbera character collectibles, and this time around, the focus falls on Shazzan! Shazzan was one of my favorite shows as a kid, and I've long wished that it had lasted longer, because there's just not enough episodes! Obviously, the show itself wasn't all that particularly suspenseful... I mean, once Chuck and Nancy could get their rings together and summon the genie Shazzan, things were pretty much over -- but Shazzan himself had style, man! He clearly loved being a genie, and took great joy in using his powers to deal with Chuck and Nancy's enemies. So here's some collectibles, the vast majority of which I've never laid eyes on personally, featuring Shazzan!
First up, here's a Japanese Shazzan notebook/coloring book, probably the rarest of the items here!

Frame-tray puzzle, with some pretty off-model art!

This jigsaw puzzle says it used the art from the Big Little Book, but that's not the cover! The cover is below:
This is the only Shazzan collectible in my own collection, by the way (although the photo was saved from an auction before I got a copy of the book).

And the last item, unfortunately, is this Shazzan! costume with glowing mask -- I wonder how safe that was to use!

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