Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Comic Ads: More PSAs from Golden Age Fawcetts!

Not all of the Fawcett PSAs were concerned with the war effort, as you'll see...
Smokey the Bear's looking a bit more cartoony than most people my age remember him looking, eh?

Here's a PSA designed to get the readers to eat healthy, a nice alternative to all those candy and gum ads that were also running!

Some ads were just trying to get the readers to become better Americans:

Infantile Paralysis (something I don't recall hearing anything about before, perhaps it's called something different these days) was of major importance in those days, too!
"Don't mix with new groups"?!? That seems at odds with the previous good American ads, eh?

If course, there were still more war-related PSAs:

Next time: RC and Quickie, for Royal Crown Cola!

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