Friday, May 02, 2014

Cover Redux!

Time for another gallery of Marvel comics covers paired with the reprint book, so I can compare and contrast them! First up, it's Avengers #46 and the reprint in Avengers #38. Now, as you can see, a number of changes were made here. Let's start with the blurbs... the bottom one was moved to accommodate the UPC code, and the Whirlwind one was reversed. The whole image was shifted down, and the floating heads were reduced and placed on a redrawn rock. In fact, all the rock on the bottom was redone. You'll see that the darker shading on the largest ant is even darker on the reprint, making me wonder if it had been redrawn some... especially since Goliath's right leg has been altered some. You'll also notice that the Wasp has been at least partly redrawn, so we see more of her torso. I think the other ant was redrawn as well, as the one leg is positioned differently.
Next up, it's Journey into Mystery #117 and the reprint in Special Marvel Edition #1, and it's the first of two covers in a row that were entirely redrawn to be different. I think I definitely prefer the original, as opposed to the reprint cover, no matter how nice that piece might be.

Look at the difference between the original cover to Fantastic Four #54 and when it was reprinted in Marvel's Greatest Comics #41... you wouldn't even know they were for the same story, would you? The reprint cover doesn't show the Black Panther, Wyatt Wingfoot, or the Inhumans! Although it does feature Prester John and the Evil Eye, which the original cover did not... I wonder how long after this the Avengers/Defenders War ran, given the prominence of that piece of tech in that story?

Next, it's Amazing Spider-Man #19 and the reprint version in Marvel Tales #14... obviously, because the reprint book had multiple characters reprinted therein, some changes had to be made... the Enforcers and Sandman are gone, replaced by Thor and Marvel Boy... although the Torch figure fit in fine! Also note that Spidey's webline on the reprint goes behind the background webbing!

Another situation with a reprint cover needing to feature more characters is when X-Men #6 was reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #25.... the image was shifted up so that there'd be space to replace the lower blurb with new blurbs for the Daredevil and Hulk reprints, and the building on the left in the original cover is completely obscured by the new blurb to replace the old one. I'm not sure why the giant magnet in the background was colored blue and yellow! Also note that many details on the rocks are gone in the reprint.


  1. On the Avengers cover, the "dark" areas of the ant and rocks are a black screen on the original stats/negatives as the black linework, so they had to be either whited-out and redrawn or filled-in on the reprint.
    The same applies to the magnet, rocks, and buildings in the X-Men reprint.
    The interior of the tomb on the FF cover is ALL black screen, so it would've required massive redrawing to reuse, so they went with an all-new cover by Jim Starlin and Joe Sinnott, as you astutely point out, tying in Prester John's Evil Eye. (Today, it would have a blurb like "The Avengers-Defenders War Begins HERE!" or somesuch...)

  2. Marvel's Greatest Comics #41 is cover dated March 1973, and the start of the "Avengers/Defenders War" is at the end of Avengers #115, cover dated September 1973. The timing could just work out that the reprint may actually have been what prompted Steve Englehart to use the Evil Eye in his story.


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