Monday, May 26, 2014

Kirby Kovers!

It's been 14 days, time for more Kirby Kovers!
We begin with Sandman #2, and this wonderful image of the Sandman caught up in a boy's dreams... been way too long since I read this book, was that Jed on the cover? The color hold for the dream monster really adds a nice touch, doesn't it?

Not quite sure what to make of the cover to Challengers of the Unknown #5... it's not a bad cover, but it certainly doesn't have Kirby's usual flair to it, does it? The tree does divide the space nicely, providing room for the cover blurb as well as the Challenger members who weren't in the tree.

Compare it to Western Tales #21, which makes Davy Crockett's adventures look well worth reading! No super-powered villain, no monster, just a man ready to fight a bear bare-handed!

Next, Tales of Suspense #51... I always liked the way Kirby drew Iron Man in the early days, especially when the armor was updated to this look. There's just something about how Kirby rendered it that made it look especially metallic to my eye. Heck, even the Scarecrow looks menacing!

What, two Boy Commandos issues in Kirby Kovers in one month? And like the last time around, this one also features the boys getting the best of an Axis leader? I do like the way Brooklyn's looking at the reader as if to say, "Check dis out!"

Finally, here's an issue of Police Trap, and it's a pretty sedate cover, isn't it? Just a bunch of cops siting around relaxing, with a bum sleeping it off on the floor. This would've been better used as an interior full-page pin-up rather than as a cover image, and I have to wonder if maybe it was originally intended for that, but was decided to use as the cover instead?

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