Monday, May 19, 2014


Krypto hasn't been doing well the past few days, so I took him to the vet this morning, expecting the worst. There's a possibility it's "just" an infection, so we are trying him out on fluids and an antibiotic for a week to see if he responds to that treatment. If there's no change, I'm going to have to make that terrible decision to end his life before he suffers any more. This really shakes me up, as you can imagine... But it is something that at his age, is going to happen sooner or later anyway. I hate the idea of letting him go, he's been with me as long as I've been doing this blog, and I can't imagine what life would be like without him. There have been days when he's been happier to see me arriving at home than my kids have been. He's been a faithful friend and companion, the best dog I could ever have imagined having. He filled a hole in my life I didn't realize I had until the day I got him.

I'll keep you posted here as to his treatment.

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  1. Jon, sorry to hear about Krypto's situation. Having lost a beloved dog last fall, and being the one to hold her as our vet gave her the last injection, I know what you are going through, We just adopted a puppy, six months after losing our Sandy, and, although she won't replace our beagle, this little pup brings much joy. I hope you can find that joy too, and I hope Krypto will mend.


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