Tuesday, May 06, 2014

My Latest Pitch: The Monster Channel!

OK, this may seem odd... it kind of seems odd that I'd be pitching this idea, given that we cancelled our cable TV over a year ago... but I'd like to see someone put out a cable channel that's just focused on monsters... or perhaps more specifically, monster movies.

There have got to be enough monster movies out there to fill a cable channel 24/7/365 without repeating things too often. All the Universal monster films, the Hammer stuff, Toho giant monsters, all that stuff... all on one channel.

I dunno, maybe it's too old school to work, but I'd love to see the attempt made.

There could be special marathon events, naturally... perhaps films in a series, or films all by the same director. This could be a weekend deal, or maybe one weekend a month.

It wouldn't have to just be monster movies, either... any monster-themed TV shows could work here as well... Filmation's Ghost Busters and Groovie Goolies would be a natural fit, as well as later monster-themed shows.

Ideally, this channel could be run like American Movie Classics used to be, with a host introducing each movie, providing historical context and offering up trivia. Perhaps, if the movies had to be interrupted by commercials, the hosts could also provide a lead-in to the commercial telling about what's coming up next, as well as things to look for.

I'd also like to see this channel run episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, even episodes without cheesy monster movies!

It's something that probably won't ever happen, given that all this stuff is available on DVD these days, but I think it would be cool as hell.

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