Thursday, May 08, 2014

The Fleischer Popeyes #16: The Two-Alarm Fire"

popeye16-1This Popeye cartoon opens, as you might expect, at the Volunteer Fire Department (of Sweethaven? Popeye's town is never mentioned in these cartoons, but I think that's his home in the comic strips), which is divided into Company C and Company D. Company C is Bluto, who sings his praises as a fire-fighter. Company D, on the other hand, is Popeye, who responds in like manner. Down the road, Olive's house catches fire, and as Olive cries for help out of each window, the fire pursues her! Finally, she's trapped on the roof, and then one bit of flame runs out of the house and pulls the fire alarm on the street!

popeye16-2The alarm alerts Popeye and Bluto, and they grab their fire wagons and start running to the scene, Popeye in his distinctive manner. At Olive's house, one flame licks Olive's behind, causing the other flames to shake hands! Popeye and Bluto arrive and start pulling out their firehoses. Bluto is first, and he pulls a hydrant out of the ground to attach his hose to it. Popeye, on the other hand, has to use a hydrant across the street, which he attaches to by flipping the hose toward it. Bluto's hose starts spraying the house down first, but Popeye soon follows, although his hose doesn't have as much pressure. A line of flames at the top of the house move across like shooting gallery ducks, so Popeye grabs the hose with one hand to shoot each one! Bluto doesn't like this, and starts spraying Popeye with his hose, and Popeye turns his own hose on Bluto, the two streams meeting in the middle, and then Popeye's stream overpowers Bluto's.

popeye16-3Bluto  isn't happy about this, and Popeye laughs until he hears Olive's cry for help. Popeye grabs a ladder and shoots it to the house and starts climbing the ladder, but Bluto sprays him off with a stream of water. This happens twice before Popeye decides Bluto's done this "Accidently on purpose," and he starts after his rival, but Bluto sends him into the air with a steady stream of water before dropping him on the ground, then sending him spinning before hitting him on the head with the nozzle. Olive's still in danger, so Bluto starts climbing up Popeye's ladder, unaware that the fire is burning the ladder up behind him! Bluto gets Olive, but then realizes he's trapped himself!

popeye16-4Popeye takes this opportunity to take out his spinach and eat it! Popeye then starts climbing up the side of the house and pushes the curtain of flame aside to rescue Bluto and Olive, dropping through the house and then bringing them outside. He revives Olive first, followed by Bluto, who takes longer to recover. Popeye asks Bluto if he's all right, and when Bluto says he is, Popeye knocks him out!

Olive reminds Popeye the house is still burning, so Popeye inhales deeply and blows out the flames, but Olive's house is a charred ruin! Despite this, Popeye sings his song and we iris out.

This one felt like a very short cartoon, although it's just as long as the others... perhaps it's because the gags took longer than in most Popeye cartoons. Still, it was a fun one, and the gags were inventive. We didn't get any transformation punches, and I missed that (not that I can think of where one might've fit in this one)!

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