Saturday, July 19, 2014

Comic Book Ads: Thom McAn!

As I've noted before, in the Golden Age of Comics, there were all sorts of things advertised in the comic books... and this carried over through the Silver Age, with a lot of items disappearing from the ad pages through the 1970s and 1980s. One type of item you'll never see advertised any more is shoes! I recall seeing shoe ads in the 1970s, but I have no memory of any shoes (even sneakers) being advertised in the 1980s.

So, here's a selection of ads that Thom McAn Shoes ran in Golden Age Fawcett Comics. Note that the emphasis here is on how they help you do better in sports.... and maybe that's why you don't see shoe ads in comics of the last 30 years or more, because let's face it, comic book readers tend to be viewed as the strictly non-athletic type!

There were at least two series of ads in the Thom McAn line... Famous Sports Flops was, I believe, the first! There'll be more after the jump!
What's that? You're wondering about those magic "Bazooka Shoes" Thom is wearing in that second ad? Well, there was a series of his adventures as well... I suspect that the ad above was to transition from one series to the other.


There were some general ads done that weren't part of a series, too!

Overall, there weren't nearly as many of these ads as there were for other shoe manufacturers... and maybe that's because Thom McAn did just fine without needing to advertise in comic books!

Next time around: Captain Tootsie!

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